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Teacher You Can Count On - Megan Barteau

It's not every day students get to really experience another culture, but each week in Megan Barteau's classroom at Roscoe Wilson Elementary that is exactly what happens. Barteau's student's recently had the opportunity to experience life in Japan. They spent a day wearing kimonos, eating with chopsticks and sumo wrestling. If you can't tell, Barteau is obviously appreciated for her creative efforts in the classroom.

"When you look back there are a lot of things you remember about the primary, first, second, third grades but I think what you really remember are the times your teacher went above and beyond," says Barteau.

According Barteau's students going above and beyond is something they accomplish on a daily basis.

"We do lots of fun activities," says Sarah Rapier, a second grader at Roscoe Wilson Elementary.

Those activities include learning about different countries, like China, on a weekly basis.

"We've been learning about the great wall of China and we've also been talking about the Chinese calendar how different it is than our calendar. It allows you to be creative. There's room to change things it's not one set o.k. you have to do it this way. You can kind of be creative and do things your own way" says Barteau.

It's Barteau's ability to teach in a way that her students will always remember that makes her a teacher you can count on.

"It's surprising how much they remember. I mean you can ask them stuff and they'll remember it because it was fun.

When Barteau is giving her creative side a break, she enjoys going to the movies and reading. If there's a teacher you would like to nominate, please send an e-mail to teacher@kcbd.com.

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