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Long Trial- Day 3: Expert Testimony Reconstructs Accident Scene

Did Callie Long see Brett Walrath the night she is accused of hitting him while driving drunk? That's the question that expert testimony tried to answer as jurors sat in on day four of the Callie Long intoxication manslaughter trial. Walrath died five months after the accident.

Reconstruction has been a major piece of the puzzle for the Callie Long case. Attorneys claim police did not secure the scene or finish the investigation. That leaves lawyers on both sides to rely on their accident reconstruction experts as to what happened on August 24, 2003.

The defense relief on a forensic engineer for expert testimony. The engineer claims intoxication did not cause the accident. He says the inability to see caused the accident. He conducted studies that showed the lighting was poor and the night was pitch black, leaving no driver the time to react to a bicyclist in the street.

The prosecution presented an expert on accident reconstruction. His studies show a driver could see the pedals of the bicycle moving up to 500 feet and could see the entire bicycle within 200 feet. Both experts tried to find a night with similar lighting to conduct their tests to eliminate some of the subjectivity. During questioning, both experts were asked about who was paying them for their studies and testimony. The defense expert said he was paid $30,000 from Outback Steakhouse while the prosecution's expert has been paid $8,000 by Charles Dunn, both involved in the $32 million civil case that will be heard in June.

As far as the police investigation, both lawyers are looking for an ex-Lubbock police officer, Alan Davis, who has been subpoenaed to appear in court, but has not shown or contacted either side stating his whereabouts.

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