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Thread Lift: An Option to Plastic Surgery

If you watched the Today show Thursday morning, you saw a new kind of face lift called a thread lift, done in an hour on live T.V. in New York.

Using local anesthesia, a long needle runs a thread under the skin with barbs or catches in it so that when the thread is pulled, it catches the skin and tightens it. The thread is then knotted in the scalp where it can't be seen. The before and after pictures on the Today show were dramatic.

"It was not painful and it was easy. I was a little anxious, but it was much easier than I thought," says Mayna Fabry, who had the thread face lift performed.

So can you get a thread lift face lift here in Lubbock? We asked Dr. Jane Rowley on NewsChannel 11 at 5. She said they've gotten a lot of calls about it since the procedure was on the Today show , but it's not here yet. And she says when they learn more about how long it lasts, it may not be worth it anyway.

"My gut feeling is it will never last as long as a surgical facelift. When your skin starts to lose its elasticity and sag,you have to undermine all that skin, lift it up, take it back and cut the excess off. And there's really nothing else that's gonna get rid of that sagging extra skin like a surgical procedure," says Dr. Jane Rowley, a plastic surgeon.

At about $1,500 a pull, so thread lifts around the face can add up to about $10,000. Of course, that's New York, but Dr. Rowley says you can get a traditional face lift here in Lubbock for less than that.

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