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HealthWise at 5 From 4.15

  • Fingertip Heart Test

You can get the pulse on heart problems now with a non-invasive test. It's called the Endo-Pat 2000 and it slips onto the index fingers of each hand to read the blood flow in the fingertips. Actually, this simple test measures the function of endothelial cells, which line the heart and blood vessels. When those cells aren't doing their job to help with the expansion and the contraction of blood vessels, it's an early sign of heart disease. The Endo-Pat 2000 is FDA approved and already available.

  • Ibuprofen Parkinsons

Finally, a pain reliever is making headlines for a good reason tonight. A new study indicates Ibuprofen may offer some protection again Parkinson's disease. The study comes from The Michael J. Fox foundation for Parkinsons research where scientists analyzed a large sampling of Aspirin, Ibuprofen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory users. Researchers found the Parkinson's risk was significantly lower among those who regularly used Ibuprofen compared to non-users. The study is being presented this week at the American Academy of Neurology meeting in Miami.

  • Body Fat Location

This story may hurt a little especially if you think your weight is within limits. Researchers say now your shape is more important than your number on the scale, that where you carry your fat could increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes even if your weight is healthy. Researchers looked at 3,000 patients and found even those in a normal weight range were at a higher risk for health problems if they carried their fat around the belly and their thighs. Those problems include high cholesterol, high blood pressure and high insulin levels which, of course, increase the risk for heart disease and type two diabetes.

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