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Interval Training: A More Diverse Workout

If you can't get motivated to exercise, maybe you need a different kind of workout. Interval training means you take short breaks. Simply put it allows you to rev up your heart rate then let it drop and then rev it up again.

Personal trainers, like Dan Barlow, say this kind of exercise actually burns more calories and it may be the kind of workout that works for you. "Interval training will help you break plateaus that you currently have in your steady state aerobic training in a period of time," says Barlow.

"Interval training is different. It's not like its a long three mile or five mile run. You're stopping, starting, get your heart rate up and probably burn more fat. It's certainly a lot more interesting," says Steve Russell, a client.

Interval training can also help you not get discouraged about your progress because you may need to do what you're supposed to do and that's take a break and catch your breath before you push yourself again.

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