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"Trail of Blood" Documents 16-Year-Old Lubbock Unsolved Murder

Fourteen years later, a father still searches for the final piece of evidence in his son's disappearance from a Lubbock apartment; he's searching for his son's body. A newly released book may do the trick.

May 16th, 1991, Scott Dunn vanished from what was then the Oakwood Club Apartments on Frankford. Dunn's father, James, hopes his book will bring in the final pieces of the puzzle. James co-wrote "Trail of Blood" with a former Avalanche-Journal Reporter, Wanda Evans, who closely followed the case.

James Dunn said of his son, "He wasn't perfect, but he was getting to that point. I was looking forward to maybe someday having grand kids, which will never happen. Those are the pleasant memories I have of Scott."

Scott won numerous car stereo competitions, and his father said he had a strong presence. James hopes the book will lead to clues on where his son's body lies.

However, lead investigator with the Lubbock Police Department, Detective Tal English finally settled with the fact Scott's hadn't been found. "We kind of had to come to the realization that we may never find a body. That's hard for everybody-- to expect, to anticipate that because you really want that for Mr. Dunn," said English.

A crucial point in the case came almost five years later in 1996 when the District Attorney's office said they didn't need a body to convict Leisha Hamilton and Tim Smith for Scott's murder. James hopes that part of the story inspires thousands of others in similar situations to never give up.

However, telling his story perhaps helps him the most. "I can't look at the pictures of the bloody carpet and walls and all the others and think 'that's my son'. So I have to put all that aside and the book kind of is helping bring some closure," said James.

Hamilton was Scott's girlfriend at the time of his disappearance. She's currently serving a 20 year sentence for the murder. Smith spent seven years on probation for the murder.

Dunn and Wanda Evans will sign copies of the book Saturday, April 16 at Barnes and Noble from two to four. They'll be at Hastings at 6707 Slide Road on Sunday, April 17 from four to six.

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