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Tax Preps Keep Investors and Accountants Busy Too

At Edward Jones this week, extra time invested at the office is spent helping people invest money.

"A lot of extra hours and a lot of extra time invested here at the office," says Daniel Castro, an asset management specialist at Edward Jones Investments.

Tax Deadline Causes Rush At Lubbock Post Offices
The IRS tax deadline has forced procrastinators to race against time, so two Lubbock Post Offices stayed open late to help everyone meet the midnight deadline.

You may or may not know April 15th is the last day for investors to take advantage of a tax deduction for 2004. According to Castro, "Everybody is still looking for that last minute contribution, last minute tax deduction. If I can send Uncle Sam less, then that's what I'm looking for just like everybody sitting at the post office right now."

Certified Public Accountant, Barbara Frankhouser, also spent a hectic week trying to keep her clients money out of Uncle Sam's hands. "This time of year is absolutely crazy," she says.

That's why Barbara got 15 gifts for the 15 days in April leading up to the tax deadline. A special present from her loving daughter and granddaughters. Barbara explains, "Tax season is here so she sent me something for extra energy, of course, my favorite candy... Butterfingers."

The succession of goodie bags contained treats from post it notes (to help Barbara remember all she had to do,) to popcorn (hoping she wouldn't pop under pressure,) to chocolate wrapped in money (in case you haven't gathered, Barbara has a sweet tooth). Each bag contained a letter that in the end, altogether spelled "accountants rock."

Barbara says, "It makes me want to cry and exhausted as I am, I don't think I could have done it if they didn't love me like they love me."

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