Preparing for the worst with active shooter response training

Preparing for the worst with active shooter response training
(Source: KCBD)
(Source: KCBD)

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - The mass shooting in Orlando has many people concerned about soft targets, places where people are relatively unprotected, including places where you can't open or conceal carry.

Lubbock police tell us bars and nightclubs are responsible for providing their own security, and will only call on the police in the case of an emergency - making it even more important for you to know how to respond in these worst case scenarios.

That's why Lubbock police teach active shooter citizen response, available to any business in town.

"We have an officer who will go in and train them based on their specific location or business on how to survive an active shooter situation, or give yourself the best option to survive an active shooter situation," Lt. Ray Mendoza said.

Mendoza says they train based on the principle of Avoid, Deny and Defend.

These techniques may seem like common sense but they can be hard to remember when panic sets in. That's why this training is so important - so you'll remember things like where is the best place to hide or where is your nearest exit?

"Your employees need to be trained on what is the best method to get them out or get them to a safe location and best defend themselves," Lt. Mendoza said.

For individuals in town, On the Mark in Lubbock offers judgment training classes, placing you in hundreds of real life scenarios and training you how to respond in each of those situations.

"It teaches you how to protect your family if you're in any situation. It doesn't have to be a hostage situation. It could be if you're at your house and somebody breaks in, you know exactly what to do," Marketing Director Jade Champion said.

Jade says they also have a course dedicated to women, whether they have a license to carry or not.

"The well protected woman course is there to help women be protected if they're at home by themselves, if they're at the grocery store with their kids. They just know how to be protected at all times," she said.

Skills you hope you never have to use, but will be thankful you have if you ever need to escape from danger.

"You can be eating dinner with your family and somebody could stand up with a gun, and you want to be able to protect yourself," Champion said.

If your business is interested in a training course from the Lubbock Police Department, you can call (806) 775-2817 and ask about the citizen's response to an active shooter training.

If you are interested in taking a course at On the Mark, you can find course descriptions, dates and times at

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