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Invention Makes Finding Veins Less Difficult

How hard is it for a nurse to get blood out of you? Lots of people have veins that wiggle and roll so it can take several sticks on hard to find veins. Those patients are going to love this new invention. It's called a vein viewer.

The breakthrough technology uses infrared light to make blood look darker and other tissue appear lighter. Inventor Herert Zeman says this makes it easy to spot the vein and get a quick stick, which is a big relief to patients.

"Especially for pediatric patients, over 50% of pediatric patients have very hard to find veins," says Zeman.

"With the use of the vein viewer and its ability to image, capture an image of the vein and project it on the surface of the skin like a road map, you are sticking the patient once," says Roxan Bischofberger, R.C.V.T.

Time magazine calls the vein viewer the coolest invention of 2004. The FDA has already cleared it for marketing and Luminetx is the company testing it right now with plans to make it widely available in hospitals and clinics within a year.

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