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USDA's New Nutrition Guide

Out from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Tuesday is a new nutrition guide. We have gone from the Food pyramid to food triangles, but the basic shape is the same. The FDA hopes that it can clarify nutrition advice along with address the world wide problem of obesity.

Part of the effort to clarify directions is a turn to using different and, hopefully, clearer terms to explain what to eat. There will no longer be 'servings' but cups and ounces. We are urged to eat 2 cups of fruit a day and 2 ½ cups of vegetables. We should include 3 ounces of whole grain and 3 cups of fat free or low fat milk.

There are 23 recommendations for everyone and 18 suggestions for special populations such as older persons and children. They are suggesting that we get 30 minutes or more of exercise every day and emphasizing that on one side of the pyramid.

The FDA is putting a number of tools on the Internet. You can personalize the new guidelines sand create your own pyramid or triangle. You can get to this website at and then click on MyPyramid. There are also resources for teachers.

You can establish a plan for yourself. The USDA is emphasizing that you can improve your nutrition by making small changes. The entire 2005 Dietary Guidelines are available on line.

To access all of this information, go to:

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