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New Food Pyramid Guidelines

After 13 years, the old "Food Pyramid" is out. Tuesday, the government unveiled something called "My Pyramid," a personalized, interactive approach to eating healthy.

The new food pyramid doesn't even list recommended servings. Instead it specifies cups and ounces. Colors represent the food groups, with a new emphasis on whole grains and low fat or skim milk. But to find out how much you need to eat, you have to go online. Just plug in your age, gender and exercise habits and get one of 12 customized plans.

The biggest change is this food guideline includes a stick figure reminding Americans that exercise is just as important as diet. In Washington, fitness guru Denise Austin got reporters on their feet pushing that message.

"Even while you're doing your dishes, or doing your hair, you could be using those beautiful 640 muscles of the body. You have to move 'em -- that's the goal," says Denise Austin, fitness expert.

To maintain weight, the government recommends at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Officials add that it's proven you can break that into three, 10-minute sessions a day and get the same benefit. To customize "My Pyramid" for you and your family, click here .

For those who don't have Internet access, the USDA says it's developing partnerships with community groups to get the word out through pamphlets and workshops. NewsChannel 11 will let you know when those are available locally.

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