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Color your plate with yellow foods

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If you're trying to pack more nutrition into your summer meals, sunny colored foods have an abundance of Vitamin C and other nutrients.

Brenda Duby, a Registered Dietitian, says even when it comes to corn... the more yellow, the better.

She says, "So if you'll get the one that's the deepest, yellow color that you can find, it has 35 times more antioxidants than say white corn does."

Duby also recommends pineapple because it contains a certain enzyme called bromelain that helps with digestion.

She says papaya is a unique fruit more people should try. First, it is loaded with vitamin C.
Also, it has a low glycemic index, which means it tastes sweet but doesn’t raise your blood sugar very quickly. That, she says, makes it a healthy choice for patients with diabetes.

And when you're buying bananas,  she says don't overlook the baby variety, because baby bananas actually have more vitamin A, more vitamin C and more magnesium than a whole regular sized banana.

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