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Don't diagnose your own Cataract

Dr. David Boothe (Source: KCBD Video) Dr. David Boothe (Source: KCBD Video)

Just as grey hair comes with age, cataracts are more common after age 60 and can leave your vision cloudy.

But even though we know what grey hair looks like, Dr. David Boothe, an Ophthalmologist, says it's not a good idea to decide on your own that you have cataracts.

He says, that cloudy vision can fool you.  " There are many diseases that if you don't catch them in their early stages can result in permanent blindness." Dr. Boothe adds, "It may not be a cataract which is fixable. It may be something that has to be attended to in a certain period of time."

There is no drug we can take or anything in the diet to prevent or cure cataracts. Surgery is the only way to remove a cataract.

But, the American Academy of Ophthalmology says sunglasses are a good investment because there is evidence that protecting our eyes from the suns ultraviolet light could at least help slow the progression of cataracts.

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