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Sole Survivor of Deadly Rollover Takes Stand

Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff Source: Lubbock Co. Sheriff

A former Texas Tech baseball player is on trial for an alleged case of road rage that could send him to prison for more than 60 years.

Chaz Eiguren is charged with three counts of manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide and aggravated assault, endangering a child and two charges of injury to a child. But he was able to walk away from the scene of the accident on the Slaton Highway in April of 2003.

Veronica Flores and her two daughters Celestina and Cassandra were killed in the crash. Flores' 11-year-old son was sitting in the passenger seat and survived. He recounted what happened the day his mother and sister were killed in court Tuesday.

Christopher Flores Jr. is now 12 years old. He said his mother was changing lanes because construction forced them into one lane, and that's when his mother accidentally cut the driver of a Lincoln off. That driver was Chaz Eiguren.

Christopher said it must have made him mad, because he was waving his hand out the window, making a fist and flipping his mom off while mouthing words that appeared to be cuss words, throughout the construction zone.

Once the construction ended, Chris said his mom moved to the left lane. He said then Eiguren attempted to cut in front of his mother's car but clipped them. He says his mom jerked the wheel, drove into the median and hit the Lincoln while trying to gain control. That's when they started to roll, he remembers some four to five times.

Christopher's family left the courtroom when he testified to help relax him. Two other eye witnesses to the crash also gave emotional testimony. Three officers that worked the scene described the wreckage and debris, while the jury looked at numerous pictures of the scene.

The trial continues Wednesday.

Triple Fatality Could be Result of Road Rage
The other wreck occurred Sunday night, killing a Lubbock mother and two of her children. It happened off of Highway 84, and now Slaton Police are investigating the accident as a possible case of road rage.

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