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Special Mass Held in Lubbock for New Pope

At the Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, people filled out prayer requests for Pope Benedict the XVI.

"For which we are going to pray for him so he can enlighten our hearts," said one woman who attended the mass.

The special mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe was about the only one in Lubbock for the new Pope. "It's the priests day off, but we were able to find one at the last minute to get someone in and that was exciting," said another woman.

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Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger has alienated some Roman Catholics in Germany with his zeal enforcing church orthodoxy. But in the conservative Alpine foothills of Bavaria where he grew up, he remains a favorite son who many think would make a good pope.

During mass, they had prayer, song and holy communion. Deacon Larry Salazar says this is a day of celebration for all catholic churches worldwide. "I think our new Holy Father, Pope Benedict the XVI is a solid man in his faith. I know he's going to do well for us," he said.

Catholics of this church say they are excited about the leadership of the new Pope. They say he is their new Vicar of Christ, which they come to give thanks, with joy in all their hearts.

Other Catholic churches in the area said said the news of the newly elected pope came so quickly, they were not able to prepare for a special mass Tuesday evening.

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