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Food for Thought Report: 6.30

Food for Thought Report: 6.30

For a complete overview of the Violations see below.

For a complete overview of the Violations see below.
No Violations
Dutch Farmstead Cheese (Farmer's Market - Seasonal) 19th & Buddy Holly -
El Rodeo 4802 Ave. Q -
Hollis House 2924 68th -
Lone Star Oyster Bar (Bar #1) 3040 34th -
Lone Star Oyster Bar (Bar #2) 3040 34th -
Lone Star Oyster Bar (Restaurant) 3040 34th -
Raider Burrito #1 2102 19th -
Tall Cotton Kettle Corn 3110 104th
The Range 3201 116th -
One Violation
America's Best Value Inn 150 Slaton Road 29
Clarion Grand Park (Bar) 3201 S. Loop 289 31
Carillon (Starlight Dining) 1717 Norfolk Ave. B 2
Two or More Violations
Carillon (Hobnob Diner) 1717 Norfolk Ave. B 9,37
Clarion Grand Park (Kitchen) 3201 S. Loop 289 32,37,42
Carillon (Skilight) 1717 Norfolk Ave. B 2,9,29,42
Carillon (Bistro) 1717 Norfolk Ave. B 14,28,29,32,47
Dunkin' Donuts 1901 University 19,28,31,37,42
Happy's 1708 50th 18,32,42,45,47
Apple Tree Café & Bakery 3501 50th 28,36,37,42,43,45
Sleep Inn & Suites 5816 34th 2,10,11,14,28,38
Wienerschnitzel 7615 S. University 18,31,32,35,39,42,45
Furr's Family Dining #235 6001 Slide 28,31,37,39,42,45,46,47
Little Caesar's 7301 University 18,19,28,37,39,40,42,47
Firehouse Grill & Bar 1719 Buddy Holly 9,18,31,33,34,37,40,45,47
O'Hana Steakhouse 5217 82nd




3 Point Violations

Priority Items - Violations require immediate corrective action (not to exceed 3 days)
Proper Cooling Time & Temperature
Proper Cold Holding Temperature (41 Degrees/45 Degrees)
Proper Hot Holding Temperature (135 Degrees Fahrenheit)
Proper Cooking Time & Temperature
Proper Reheating Procedures for Hot Holding (165 Degrees Fahrenheit in Two Hours)
6 Time as a Public Health Control; procedures & records
7 Food and Ice Obtained from Approved Source; Food in Good Condition, Safe, and Unadulterated; Parasite Destruction
8 Food Received at Proper Temperature
9 Food Separated & Protected; Contamination Prevented During Food Preparation, Storage, Display, and Tasting
10 Food Contact Surfaces and Returnables; Cleaned and Sanitized
11 Proper Disposition of Returned, Previously Served or Reconditioned
12 Management, Food Employees and Conditional Employee's Knowledge Responsibilities, and Reporting
13 Proper Use of Restriction and Exclusion; No Discharge from Eyes, Nose, and Mouth
14 Hands Cleaned and Properly Washed/Glove Used Properly
15 No Bare Hand Contact with Ready to Eat Foods or Approved Alternate Method Properly Followed
16 Pasteurized Foods Used; Prohibited Food Not Offered; Pasteurized Eggs Used when Required
17 Food Additives; Approved and Properly Stored; Washing Fruits and Vegetables
18 Toxic Substances Properly Identified; Stored and Used
19 Water from Approved Source; Plumbing Installed; Proper Backflow Device
20 Approved Sewage/Wastewater Disposal System; Proper Disposal

Point     Violations

Priority Foundation Items - Violations Require Corrective Action (within 10 days)
21 Person in Charge Present; Demonstration of Knowledge and Perform Duties/Certified Food Manager (CFM)
22 Food Handler/No Unauthorized Persons/Personnel
23 Hot and Cold Water Available; Adequate Pressure; Safe
24 Required Records Available (shellstock tags, parasite destruction); Packaged Food Labeled
25 Compliance with Variance, Specialized Process and HACCP
26 Posting of Consumer Advisories; Raw or Undercooked Foods (disclosure/reminder/buffet plate); Allergen Labeling
27 Proper Cooling Method Used; Equipment Adequate to Maintain Product Temperature
28 Proper Date Marking and Disposition
29 Thermometers Provided, Accurate, and Calibrated; Chemical/Thermal Test Strips
30 Food Establishment Permit (current and valid)
31 Adequate Handwashing Facilities; Accessible and Properly Supplied; Used
32 Food and Non-Food Contact Surfaces Cleanable, Properly Designed, Constructed and Used
33 Warewashing Facilities; Installed, Maintained, Used/Service Sink or Curb Facility Provided

1 Point Violations Core Items - Violations Require Corrective Action Not to Exceed 90 Days or Next Inspection (whichever comes first)
34 No Evidence of Insect Contamination, Rodent/Other Animals
35 Personal Cleanliness/Eating, Drinking or Tobacco Use
36 Wiping Clothes; Properly Used and Stored
37 Environmental Contamination
38 Approved Thawing Method
39 Utensils, Equipment & Linens; Properly Used; Stored; Dried & Handled/In Use Utensils; Properly Used
40 Single Service & Single Use Articles; Properly Stored and Used
41 Original Container Labeling (Bulk Food)
42 Non-Food Contact Surfaces Clean
43 Adequate Ventilation and Lighting; Designated Areas Used
44 Garbage and Refuse Properly Disposed; Facilities Maintained
45 Physical Facilities Installed; Maintained and Clean
46 Toilet Facilities; Properly Constructed, Supplied and Clean
47 Other Violations

*MFU - Mobile Food Unit

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