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Sparklers not as kid-friendly as they appear

Dr. Lesley Motheral (Source: KCBD Video) Dr. Lesley Motheral (Source: KCBD Video)

Judging from the latest data, the Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that about 7,000 Americans will spend part of their Fourth of July holiday in the emergency room due to fireworks injuries.

Dr. Lesley Motheral is a pediatrician and wants parents to know that sparklers are actually one of the most dangerous fireworks because they appear kid friendly… but get so hot.  She explains, "Up to 1800 to 2000 degrees is the temperature these sparklers are burning at. So I recommend never giving a sparkler to a child less than 5. They take those sparklers and wave them around and twirl them around and that's a great way to have an injury, especially if one of those flying sparks goes into the eye."

Dr. Motheral says she even worries about the older kids who use sparklers to draw their names in the air. She says that is often an accident waiting to happen as they twirl those sparks through the air, often with younger siblings watching nearby.

Dr. Motheral suggests parents set some rules even with sparklers and keep kids under close adult supervision, because every year, there are about 1400 serious injuries blamed on sparklers.

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