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The Cable Zipper: Does It Work?

Got a mess in your office? Maybe this product can help clean up things.

It's called the Cable Zipper and it is supposed to group your wires into nice and neat rows, but Does It Work?

I've got an 'octopus' of wires and cords living under my desk. I was trying to figure out how I could make it neat. The first thing I noticed, we had wires coming out of everywhere. Not all of them were easy to group together either. I'll try though.

You take the Cable Zipper head which starts the process. You clamp it on the wires and then guide it down. If you do it right, those two work together to zip the plastic cover over the entire thing. But there were times it was not that easy. A couple of times, the zipper head popped off the wires. I would have to start over.

I finally got it working. When it was at the end of the wires, I had to cut it to size, because the zipper would only gather so much.

I was only able to make three groups out of the Cable Zipper. It did look a little better, but it did not look as clean as the box did.

Does It Work? Yes, because it does what it says its supposed to do. But it all comes down to your wires, literally, which can make it tricky to use.

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