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Emotional Testimony in the Road Rage Trial

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On Wednesday emotional testimony was given in a Lubbock courtroom to support the character of the man who prosecutors say allowed his temper to cause the deaths of three people.

Chaz Eiguren is on trial for a deadly case of road rage on the Slaton Highway in April 2003. Veronica Flores and her daughters Cassandra and Celestina were killed.

A Forensic Pathologist testified for the State on the specific causes of death. They showed diagram's to explain the various injuries on both the children and their mother. The pictures of the bodies were not shown in court or to the jury, apparently the prosecution believes they are too graphic in nature.

The state rested just after two on Wednesday afternoon and the defense began to present their case.

Eiguren's former Texas Tech Baseball Coach, Larry Hayes testified. He coached Eiguren for two years and he said college athletes endure a lot of pressure, "I loved him for what he was. He was a low maintenance athlete that understood the good and the bad." Hayes went on to say, "I appreciated him, and I respect him."

Chaz' wife Christy was called to the scene that day and on Wednesday she took the stand to describe her husband's behavior. She was emotional from the beginning. She described Chaz as "distraught", she said, "He was shaking, trembling, he couldn't speak, he was like a bowl of jello." Christy said she stayed with him on the scene until he was free to leave, and said he was never really ok, so she called a pastor friend to come over as soon as they got home. She, Chaz and the family and friends watching in the packed courtroom became emotional during her testimony. She said "Chaz is a great husband and an excellent father."

Next Tamara Newman took the stand. Tamara and her husband are best friends with the Eiguren's and she was the one riding with him the day of the accident. Tamara, also emotional described what happened the day of the accident. Unlike Chris Flores' testimony, Tamara said, "When we were nearing the construction zone, the green blazer whipped in front of us, and Chaz had to slam on the brakes. He honked, but that was it. We were both shook up, scared when that happened." She went on to say that after the construction zone, they sped up to move into the left lane, trying to get away from the green blazer and "the green blazer swerved in front of us violently." She said when they finally moved safely infront of the blazer, the driver pulled onto the grassy shoulder of the road, trying to pass them again, that's when the blazer hit their car, the Lincoln, slamming them into the 18-wheeler and they bounced off the 18-wheeler, and hit the blazer. That's when the blazer when off the road and started rolling. Tamara became very emotional when she described looking back and seeing people fly from the vehicle. She said "it was horrifying."

This testimony conflicts what Veronica Flores son Chris testified on Tuesday. He had said Eiguren mouthed cussed words and flipped his mother off, before clipping them, forcing them to run off the road.

Finally Chaz Eiguren himself took the stand late Wednesday afternoon, he was very emotional when he testified. He said, the driver of the green blazer scared him, she was wreckless and he did what he could to avoid her.

If convicted Eiguren could face more than 60-years in prison. Testimony will continue on Thursday.

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