Consider this: Dallas attacks violate all of us

Last Thursday night a Black Lives Matter protest was disrupted by gunfire when a man shot twelve police officers, killing five of them.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown tells us that the shooter said he "wanted to kill white people, especially white officers."

Our hearts go out to Dallas police officers and their families. These officers gave their lives protecting our freedoms. And our prayers are with law enforcement officers everywhere, especially those who serve us right here at home.

Peaceful citizens who were exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech and freedom of assembly were not the cause of this tragedy. Likewise, those law-abiding citizens who exercise their Second Amendment right are not responsible for this cowardly massacre.

Consider this…Thursday's attack was an attack upon all Americans. Incidents like this threaten the life and liberties of every citizen.

We must all condemn hatred and violence in every form it takes: from hate speech on social media to violent attacks against one another.

And we must find a way to have an open, honest conversation in this country regarding race and socio-economic issues without demonizing those who disagree with us.

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