Spotlight on Agriculture: 33 percent of regional economic activity is tied to agriculture

Spotlight on Agriculture 7/17

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - This week, KCBD is on the road, visiting communities across the South Plains. You may already know that 33 percent of all regional economic activity can be tied back to agriculture. While that is true for Lubbock, agriculture's impact is even more magnified in places like Abernathy, Idalou, Post, Morton and Lamesa, which are even more dependent on crop and livestock production.

The cotton industry alone generates billions of dollars each year in economic activity in this region, and studies have found that crop production supports more than 103,000 jobs.

That's a lot of money flowing through the South Plains economy, and it all begins with our farmers. For KCBD Spotlight on Agriculture and Plains Cotton Growers, I'm Mary Jane Buerkle.

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