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Steps Being Made To Protect Americans From Avian Flu

An important step is underway to protect Americans from the threat of Avian flu. There have been no human cases reported in the U.S only in Asia. But there is no cure so researchers want to be ready if it moves to this part of the world.

"There have been at least 70 cases now in South East Asia in people, millions in birds, but at least 70 people, and in about two thirds of those people have died, so it is very lethal," says Dr. James Campbell, University of Maryland.

Researchers at the University of Maryland are launching the first human trials of an experimental vaccine against the Avian flu. The vaccine will be studied for the next seven months. Volunteers will have their blood screened regularly to keep track of any possible reaction. Researchers say the volunteers do not run the risk of being infected because this vaccine is made from a dead strain of the Avian flu virus.

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