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City of Lubbock Recycling Less Convenient, More Effective

Nearly 13 years after the City of Lubbock started its recycling program, they still urge you to participate. Despite the fact it may be getting more inconvenient, the city's recycling numbers are increasing and costs are decreasing.

Recycler, Chris Thompson takes frequent trips to the Northside Recycling Center. He said, "Probably every couple weeks, you know, when I get a load where it's big enough where I feel like it's worth my gas."

And with gas prices over $2 a gallon, you can see why people like Chris Thompson limits his trips. Even so, Thompson says the trip is worth it. "The benefits are worth it, in that it might be a little bit inconvenient for you, but it's probably convenient for other people and the environment."

The city used to go through every alley to pick up recyclables when the program first started in 1992. However, now the updated system appears to be more effective.

City of Lubbock Education Coordinator, Gaylyn Chapman said, "This is a really good alternative, it's inexpensive as far as cost is concerned and it allows for our citizens to still go ahead and recycle."

City Council requested a new system replace the curbside system because it was too expensive at the time. The centralized recycling centers saves them around $2 million a year.

Thompson says, "It is kind of an inconvenience, I have to make trips and kind of stock pile it, versus having it picked up every week, but it's worth it."

With the previous curbside system, only 1% of Lubbock recycled. The new system was implemented in 1996, and now the number has slightly increased to 2%.

Thompson says you should join him on his weekly trips. "If you can recycle it why throw it away."

The City of Lubbock has three main recycling centers as well as other neighborhood centers. For information on exact locations and times (click here).

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