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Long Gets Two Years

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Two years in prison and a $10,000 fine, that is the sentence a Lubbock jury handed down to Callie Long following an Intoxication Manslaughter Conviction. The case centered around an August 2003 traffic crash. While driving drunk, Long hit bicyclist, Brett Walrath, on the Loop 289 access road. He later died from his injuries. The trial lasted two weeks.

Lubbock Bicyclist Hit Twice Last Summer Dies
Lubbock man dies five months after hit and run accident.

"It's not over ," those were Callie Long's last words just moments after 12 jury members sentenced her to two years in prison for Intoxication Manslaughter. Long's attorney, Dan Hurley said, "we will begin the appeal immediately, there were things done wrong in this trial."

Prosecuting Attorney Rod Hobson said, "This has been a nightmare for everyone involved, we have the easy job presenting the case, it was the jury that had to decide."

After five long hours of deliberating punishment, the jury walked into the courtroom exhausted and unable to hold back their tears while the life changing sentence was read. LaKeisha's cousin Tommy Smith said, "Callie is still walking and breathing, Brett is dead." Lakeisha Walrath, Brett's widow, was too fatigued to speak, but her family and friends say she is trying to be strong for her son. Smith said, "They will take it one day at a time, Christian doesn't have a father now."

But this isn't the last you'll hear from the Walrath family. They still have a $32-million lawsuit against the Outback Steakhouse, there are still questions about Loop 289 access road being without lights, and there's also a question about the police investigation. Hobson says, "When the main officer doesn't even make an appearance it handicaps the state. I wish I knew where Alan Davis was." Hurley also added, "I am going to find out who deleted files, who had it in their possession, and who decided to delete it on their computers."

Both attorneys feel the incomplete accident investigation hurt both their cases, and Rod Hobson says he thinks something needs to be done with LPD before it happens again. "Lubbock needs an accident investigation team."

After the sentencing was read, the defense asked the court to allow Callie Long out on bond for $20,000 while they appealed the decision.

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