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Food for Thought: 7/21/16

(Source: KCBD Graphic) (Source: KCBD Graphic)

Popeye’s at 5102 Slide had 15 violations.
Because of the score and the number of violations the restaurant was forced to close for 24 hours. Popeye’s also had to provide details for a remodel prior to reopening.

* Raw chicken was above 41 degrees. It was sitting in a pan on a prep-table for an unknown amount of time. Raw eggs and coleslaw were also above the safe cold temperature.

* Cooked chicken was 118 degrees. Must be at least 135 degrees.

* No log sheet was available for time-controlled foods.

* The sugar scoop was dirty, and the handle of the scoop was touching the sugar. Raw chicken was store over biscuits in the walk-in cooler.

* Employees did not wash their hands when changing tasks: dirty dishes to clean dishes, food handling to handling trash.

* Spray cleaners were not properly stored.

* There was no soap or paper towels at the hand sink. The water in the restrooms did not get hot enough.

* Donated foods were not labeled.

* The thermometer in the walk-in cooler was broken.

* Plastic containers were broken and melted.

* Raw chicken and plastic jugs for tea were on the floor in the walk-in freezer.

* The handles on the cooler and the hot-hold cabinet were dirty.

* The ice machine was dusty.

* The floors are dirty; walls are dirty and have holes; ceiling tiles are peeling.

* The inspector notes, due to the number and the nature of the violations management did not demonstrate food safety knowledge.

The facility was inspected during the afternoon on July 15th. It was re-inspected just more than 24 hours later and allowed to re-open the evening of the 16th after the violations had been corrected.

Cici’s Pizza at 2821 50th had 10 critical violations.
* Cooked pasta salad was above the safe cold temperature of 41 degrees.
* Boxes of food were stored on the floor in the walk-in cooler.
* The water at a hand sink could not maintain a hot enough temperature.
* Sliced onions, cooked bacon and pepperoni did not have a date mark.
* The ice machine deflector was dirty. The fan cover in the walk-in cooler was broken.
* Chargers and keys were stored with single service items.
* Wiping clothes and cleaning products were left on counters.
* Containers had labels on them. Those cannot be cleaned properly.
* The floor drain near the three-compartment sink was dirty.
* The women’s restroom stall did not have a door. The soap dispenser in the men’s restroom was broken.
The report shows most violations were corrected during the inspection.

There is only one top performer this week, and it's a mobile unit.
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