Consider This: Police, city leaders praise strong community in Lubbock

Last week Lubbock Police Chief Greg Stevens, accompanied by city leaders, held a press conference in support of our men and women in blue, but it wasn't just about the police. It was also a reminder of what a fine community we live in.

Both Mayor Pope and Chief Stevens emphasized the special quality and character of our citizens as one of the things that sets us apart.

Lubbock has grown into a large city, but it is still a collection of neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods are where our police officers interact with citizens and where we get to know each other.

Consider this: Good communication begins with recognizing what we have in common.

We all share values of love of family, need for safety and security, and the desire for dignity and respect.

Knowing that we share those values, good communication begins by treating each other as we want to be treated.

If I'm to receive respect, I must first give it to others. If I want to be understood, I need to seek to understand others.

Communication and understanding are the foundation for preserving our great community.

So let's build that foundation together.

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