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Area HS coaches learn about the dangers of concussions

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Football season is right around the corner, and as kids get ready to hit the field, coaches are getting some valuable information.

As two-a-day practices start on Monday, coaches across the South Plains gathered in the Hub City to learn about the dangers of concussions for their athletes on the field.

"Our goal, really, is to allow those kids to safely participate in contact and collision sports and protect what's most important, which is their brain," Dr. Kevin Crawford, Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Specialist at Lubbock Sports Medicine, says.

His colleague, Dr. Field Scovell, orthopaedic surgeon for Lubbock Sports Medicine, tells us it's important to keep up with new research.

"So that we can educate coaches, parents and kids, ultimately protecting them when they're playing sports," he says.

These Lubbock Sports Medicine physicians know first-hand how dangerous concussions can be for young athletes.

So, before the high school football season fires up, they're teaching coaches how to recognize the symptoms.

"We don't want them to hide the symptoms," Kyle Hauk, athletic director and head football coach for Southland ISD, tells us. "We want them to be upfront and honest about things, so that we can get the best treatment and return them when it's safe."

Chad Terry, athletic director and head football coach for Shallowater High School, says, "We've got to take care of kids, that's the bottom line."

As coaches from across the South Plains gather, they all repeat the same thing, safety is number one. They say education about the dangers of the injury is key.

"Safety first and we're there to have fun - it's all about having fun and getting your education and graduating and enjoying the time you have in high school," Hauk says. "So, you just want them to be safe and enjoyable."

The coaches we spoke with said it's important to keep a great relationship with the athletes so they'll be honest about their injuries

"You're a mentor. You're still trying to teach young men that there's a lot of things that are bigger than the game, and that's their health," Terry says.

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