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Texas Tech Campus Carry law in effect Monday

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Sign on exclusionary zone (source: KCBD) Sign on exclusionary zone (source: KCBD)

Changes are coming to Texas Tech starting Monday, as Senate Bill 11, otherwise known as Campus Carry, officially goes into effect.

This allows licensed individuals to carry concealed handguns on academic campuses and into certain buildings.

For months now, university officials have worked on the specific policy for Texas Tech, deciding where people can or cannot carry.

Corporal Amy Ivey has worked for the Texas Tech Police Department for four years, but starting this summer, she took on a new role.

"They created my position as the public relations corporal for campus carry," Corporal Ivey said. "So I will be going out to all of the new student orientations also giving presentations to the new students, current students that are coming in and educate them on the campus carry law."

Part of this education is to make sure everyone on campus is aware of the exclusionary zones, places on campus where you cannot conceal carry.

"Some examples are going to be the student recreation center, the Kent Hance Chapel, the Burkhart Center, the Jones Stadium on game days," she said.

But the other aspect of Corporal Ivey's job is to ease the minds of incoming students and their parents at orientation.

"They have come up and asked lots of questions. And once I kind of explain to them that the student has to be over the age of 21, they have to have a license to carry, it's been real positive," she said.

For anyone who does have a concern throughout the school year, they can reach out the campus carry committee, headed by University Counsel Ronald Phillips.

Phillips says the committee will continue to review the policy and advise the president on any problems or requests that come up.

"I think we're going to see issues that come up throughout the year, that we're going to have be flexible and adaptable and address those issues in the best interest of the university community," Phillips said. "The campus carry committee does understand and recognize there is a diversity of opinions on this and we take all of those into consideration when we're dealing with issues."

Corporal Ivey says the Texas Tech Police Department will always be a resource for anyone with questions.

"Our mission statement at the police department is to provide a safe and secure environment to live, learn and educate and we will keep doing that to the best of our ability and make this a smooth transition starting Monday for this campus carry law," she said.

For a detailed look at Texas Tech's campus carry policy, visit this website: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/hr/CampusCarry/Frequently%20Asked%20Questions.php

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