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Callie Long Police Video Released

Callie Long is free on bond Monday night after she was formally charged by the judge. Now, the state is asking for additional jail time. On Monday, special prosecutor Rod Hobson asked the court for a trial date to try Long for failure to stop and render aid. The felony charge carries a sentence of one to five years in prison.

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This latest request comes just two days after a Lubbock jury agreed on a punishment for Callie Long to two years in prison for intoxication manslaughter in the death of Brett Walrath. Evidence proved long was legally drunk when she struck the bicyclist in August 2003. Now for the first time, the police video tape used to convict Callie Long is released.

Footage caught on a police video the night of August 27th, 2003, shows police approaching Callie Long just moments after Brett Walrath was hit.

The prosecution used the tape to show the jury how many times police had to instruct Long in several sobriety tests. Both tests are looking for divided attention, meaning they are looking to see if Long could do more than one thing at the same time, something that is required when driving a car. During the tests, police are looking for a number of clues to determine intoxication.. If you get two out of eight in the walk and turn test, you are considered drunk. Long got six out of eight; three of which were not maintaining balance, starting the test before she was told to start, and taking a wrong number of steps. A blood test taken just moments after the sobriety tests showed Callie Long's blood alcohol count was .13, nearly one and a half times the legal limit.

The second part of the tape shows where prosecutors say Long made "inappropriate comments." Two of the most controversial comments were when Long told officers she didn't look good in orange, referring to the prison uniform. The other comment prosecutors focused on throughout the trial was when Long told officers she was a realtor and she would sell them a house. Both comments were made after Walrath was taken to the hospital. The defense said in court the comments were made because Callie was trying to calm her nerves, and also because Callie had no idea of the severity of the crash.

Callie Long will not serve jail time until at least the end of June when the motion for a new trial is complete. Here are the terms of her current bond agreement. Her car has been outfitted with an alcohol detection device. It will not start if she has been drinking. She must obey a curfew. And she is not allowed anywhere alcohol is served.

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