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Colonoscopy Couple

You've probably seen this ad. I love it.

The American Cancer Society is using some humor to hit home that women may need to take drastic measures to convince men to get checked for colon cancer.

Not that women are home free. Take Jimmy Diaz and his wife Diane. He's 58 so she pushed him to get a colonoscopy and he said, "I will if you will". So, both had a screening test like this on the same day. Turns out Jimmy's okay, but Diane found out she has colon cancer at age 51.

"I believe the doctor said a few months and she may not have been able to have been helped," says Jimmy.

"At 50 everyone should have a colonoscopy no matter if they have a family history or any symptoms, because most of the time early colon cancer is very quiet and doesn't cause any problems," says Dr. Howard Wallach, an oncologist.

Since our local leaders have named 2005 the year to fight colon cancer, remember that nearly 150,000 Americans will be diagnosed with colon-rectal cancer this year. If detected early, there is a 90% cure rate.

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