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Pokemon Go players asked to stay away from Resthaven Cemetery

Resthaven Funeral Home (source: KCBD) Resthaven Funeral Home (source: KCBD)
(source: KCBD) (source: KCBD)

The Pokémon Go craze continues to sweep the nation, but here in Lubbock, it's generating some controversy after a local cemetery became a destination for hunting down Pokemon.

Resthaven Cemetery is no longer a Pokemon Go location.

General Manager Tom Jordan took action after several weeks of issues with players coming into the cemetery both during and after hours.

"My son actually called me one morning and said 'Hey I drove by your cemetery last night and you had almost 200 cars out there'," Jordan said. "And this was after midnight. And so we knew then that there was an issue."

He says as soon as Pokemon Go came out, the cemetery crew began noticing more traffic, and quickly learned Resthaven had what is referred to as Poke Stops.

"We did have more than usual vases of flowers turned over and lots of places where you could see foot traffic," Jordan said.

He says though Resthaven is public property, that applies during hours of operation only, from sunrise to sunset.

"After that, it does become criminal trespass if you're in the cemetery after those hours," he said.

But Jordan says for him, it's an issue of respect.

"We have so many families that have their loved ones buried here. They're buried here as a place of rest, not a playground," he said.

Jordan says he took the necessary steps to get Resthaven removed as a Pokemon location.

"It's a very simple process on their site to put in a request to be removed. You just tell them why you'd like to be removed," he said.

Their request was granted at the end of last week.

Jordan says he has nothing against the game or those who play it, but he hopes this will ease the problems they experienced.

"We're glad that people are enjoying the game and getting out and going. But the cemetery is just not the place to do that," he said.

We did reach out to other area cemeteries, including the City of Lubbock Cemetery, and they said they have not had any issues with Pokémon Go players.

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