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Perry hosts town hall meeting about Texas state water plan

Senator Charles Perry (Source: KCBD Video) Senator Charles Perry (Source: KCBD Video)
Source: KCBD Video Source: KCBD Video
Source: KCBD Video Source: KCBD Video

It's a statewide tour about a topic that's important to many across Texas: our state's water plan.

Tuesday, Senator Charles Perry and a group called H2O4 Texas hosted a public forum on water here in Lubbock, talking about the importance of having this plan, and how our region plays into it.

The forum was held at Texas Tech at the International Cultural Center.

The state's water plan is reviewed and updated every five years, and they are always looking ahead 50 years as they plan, to make sure Texas is conserving for future generations.

The water forum was filled with residents from across the South Plains who wanted to learn more about the state's water plan, including farmers and producers like Brad Heffington.

"That's our most valuable resource, my resource as a cotton producer, besides the land itself is the water," Heffington said.

The 2017 State Water Plan is a combination of 16 regional plans, including the plan from our region which is known as Region O.

Senator Charles Perry says the state plan takes each regions unique characteristics into consideration.

"We are very Ag industry related out here. That's our economic force, if you will. So we've got to always be managing each region on its own," Senator Perry said.

Senator Perry says the state is always planning for the worst case scenario when it comes to weather and the potential for droughts.

"The state wide water plan is actually built around the last record of drought," he said. "Its idea is if we had another drought like that tomorrow, how would we be best prepared for it? And it's the implementation during the wet year when we're not thinking drought because it rained a little bit that we need to be responsible as a state and put those into implementation."

Director of Water Utilities for the city, Aubrey Spear, is also chairman of our regions water planning group.

He says the city of Lubbock is the largest user of water in our region, but he says our regional water supply is in very good shape.

 "We've diversified. We're continuing to work on studying ways to reuse our water as well as to more efficiently use water from the Ogallala Aquifer an the lakes that we have," he said.

He says the regional plan addresses the future concern of farmers and irrigation by laying out strategies for innovations in farming technology.

And as Brad says, that is something he is always looking for to help his cotton farm.

"It's prudent for us to be as conservation minded with that as we can. But still at the same time, we're trying to make a profit you know off of our businesses. And so anything you can do to learn to be more efficient is good," Heffington said.

You can view the state water plan at

That website contains information about each region, but for more information on the Region O plan, you can go to

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