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HealthWise at 5 From 4.27

  • Hyperspectral Imaging

Early cancer detection is the aim of a technology that can see right into the nucleus of a cell. Researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center have developed a Hyperspectral imaging endoscope that utilizes a traditional endoscope with a cable that provides real-time, minimally-invasive images of cells. The system uses visible and near-infrared range light, which scatters when it hits the tissue. The pattern that results can tell doctors if there are any cancerous cells since they scatter light differently due to their size. The only problem right now is there have been limited human trials.

  • First Drink Risk

We all know kids who drink alcohol at an early age may be risking an alcohol dependence problem later on. But the risk is more telling than you might think. Several thousand adults were surveyed by the University at Buffalo and asked how old they were when they first tried alcohol, and if they had any alcohol-related problems later on. The study found the likelihood of problem drinking increased by 12% for each year the person started drinking before adulthood. Overall the study found that the earlier people start drinking alcohol, the greater the degree and frequency of intoxication later.

  • Metabolism Stimulator

Researchers in Australia have isolated a portion of human growth hormone that causes weight loss by stimulating the metabolism of body fat. Metabolic pharmaceuticals recently completed a trial of their drug called AOD9604. 300 obese patients took part in a placebo-controlled trial. Patients who took a one milligram pill daily lost an average of six pounds in twelve weeks, while those using the placebo lost less than two pounds. The good news is neither group changed their eating habits. The bad news is this Australia pill is still under study and will be for a long time.

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