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Construction Begins at Lubbock High Schools

Last year, voters approved a $98.8 million bond package to pay for adjustments that come with grade configuration changes. Now your tax dollars are being put to use.

At Coronado High School the demolition phase got underway on Wednesday. Demolition is just the beginning. They're tearing all the asphalt and concrete out of the back parking lot to make way for expansions to that side of the building.

The lamps have come down and the parking lot is empty to make way for more kids. Cindy Wallace, Coronado's Associate Principal says, "Our Senior football players who usually have the choice of spots over here by the football area. We said 'Oh you've gone from the penthouse to the outhouse', because they're way over there."

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Way over there means west of the school to the Terrace Shopping Center. The school had to take over the parking lot to make way for a new band and choir hall.

Wallace explains, "Drama will move into the band hall and orchestra will move into the choir area. Then we'll make classrooms out of the present orchestra room and drama room which is very large."

The Ag Department is also getting pushed out to create 10 to 13 new classrooms.

It's a similar story over at Monterey High School. The school's east annex is expanding to house 10 new classrooms. Associate Principal Mike Worth says, "We're going to go from about 1,530 to about 2,100 or 2,200 kids."

Monterey students have also had to give up parking to make way for new additions, but more construction will elevate that strain with a brand new parking lot.

Worth explains, "There'll be a unique exit and entrance out on 50th Street and we're going to do away with the exit over on the corner by the light which has the potential for accidents."

Shop students vacated their part of the building to make way for ninth grade athletics. They now go by bus to the Byron Martin Center for class. But school officials say students from both high schools have adapted and embraced the changes.

Worth says, "No complaints. They know what we're doing is for the betterment of the school." Wallace says, "They're flexible, they're wonderful."

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