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Lubbock CHL instructor explains firearm defense tactics

Farley (Source: Caleb Holder) Farley (Source: Caleb Holder)
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For nearly ten years, Steve Farley has shared these words of advice with people who want to protect themselves.

"You need to tell that person stop…you need to go away," Farley said. "You always don't have to produce your handgun to tell somebody verbally that you need to go."

As the owner of Cornerstone Tactical Institute, he helps students receive their concealed handgun licenses - just in case.

Farley says the same thing at the beginning of every class, "Everything we talk about in class today I hope you never have to use."

But Tuesday morning, Farley saw that a Bimbo Bakeries deliveryman had to use that training.

Police said the driver noticed Oscar Daniel de Jesus-Santillan stealing products he was dropping off from the trailer at La Super Carniceria at the 2100 block of Clovis Road.

When the deliveryman approached him, the thief became aggressive and the deliveryman told police that he became scared for his safety. The driver warned Oscar that he was armed, and when Oscar reached into his pocket, the deliveryman shot him in the leg.

"You read it and you're like, 'Wow'," Farley said. "This is right here in Lubbock."

Farley tells his students to warn anyone they feel threatened by, just like the deliveryman did.

"We say try to stop a threat, and sometimes that means the person goes to the hospital and recovers," he said, "and sometimes they don't."

Typically, Farley said instructors don't recommend leg shots like the deliveryman took.

"We teach to shoot center mass, and what we mean by that is in the middle of the upper-body area," Farley said. "It's that area where when you engage a threat, there's room for less error in there because it's the largest part of the body."

A Bimbo Bakeries location near the South Plains Fairgrounds displays a sign that prevents anyone with a concealed handgun license from bringing a gun inside.

But Farley said those signs do not always apply to employees

"They could say, 'Hey these are what our rules, our procedures are for work," he said, "and while you're here at work, you're not allowed to carry.'"

Whether Bimbo Bakeries deliverymen are allowed to carry or not is unknown at this time.

"We should all wait and see what the outcome is with all the information before we start judging people," Farley said.

KCBD reached out to Bimbo Bakeries for this report, but an employee said they were not allowed to speak with the media as of Tuesday.

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