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Overcrowded Hale Center Animal Shelter asking for public help

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Source: KCBD Video Source: KCBD Video
Alexis Atwood, Paw Pals of Hale Center Alexis Atwood, Paw Pals of Hale Center

The Hale Center Animal Shelter is facing serious overcrowding, and they're asking for your help.

Struggling to cope with a recent increase in numbers of stray dogs, they're doing their best to create more room.

"This girl was just picked up this morning, so we had her crate sitting right there," Paw Pals of Hale Center volunteer, Alexis Atwood, says. "She's actually going to go to my house, because we're out of room."

She says this animal shelter is seeing a big problem.

"These six pens, they're only supposed to hold six dogs," she said. "We have in the past couple of weeks had to double-up on dogs."

Some of these animals are getting roommates for the first time.

"On July 16th, I took three dogs to Cabela's for an adoption event. That's the only dogs we had and then we had one more show up and then, literally, in the last week and a half it just exploded," she says.

She tells us going from three dogs to 14 has been challenging. So now, they're getting creative and adding more bunks.

"We know this is not ideal, but it's the best we have and we're doing the best we can with it, to keep the conditions the best we can for the dogs," she said.

Atwood says she started this journey with just a love for dogs, but never expected to care for so many, so quickly.

So now, this small no-kill shelter is begging for help.

"We're in desperate need for adopters or fosters. I can only take so many dogs to my house and a lot of our volunteers have either adopted dogs or just can't take anymore," she said.

Hale Center City Manager Dennis Burton wants to build a new shelter to help with the problem.

Burton will present his proposal on Tuesday and ask council members to include funds for a new shelter in this fiscal year's upcoming budget.

"We want to get these dogs adopted," Burton said. "We want them to find homes. The dogs deserve it and I think the citizens need to have something like this, so we can better serve them."

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