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Lubbock Massage Therapist demonstrates cupping


Over the last week, as our eyes have been glued to the TV screen watching the Olympics, a lot of viewers have been curious as to what those red marks on some of the athletes bodies are. 

You've probably heard by now that it is a muscle relaxation technique called cupping, but we wanted to know what exactly this is and why so many Olympians seem to be doing it. 

Leisha Winfree works at Tara Day Spa on Frankford Avenue and has been performing cupping with glass cups and plastic cups for years. She says it is not very common in West Texas because people simply don't know about it. Winfree says she knows ways to get the pain relieving and relaxation benefits of the massage without the permanent pepperoni like marks that the Olympians are showing us. 

When removed, these suction cups leave behind circular bruises that can last from a couple days to a week. Winfree calls these cup kisses.

More information about cupping:

Taylor Lee tried it out to show us how it worked.

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