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Lubbock man creates home delivery app to save family time

Calvillo family (Source: Calvillo) Calvillo family (Source: Calvillo)
The Butler logo (Source: Calvillo) The Butler logo (Source: Calvillo)
Calvillo & his mother (Source: Calvillo) Calvillo & his mother (Source: Calvillo)
Calvillo (Source: Ashlyn Tubbs) Calvillo (Source: Ashlyn Tubbs)
Butler delivery (Source: Ashlyn Tubbs) Butler delivery (Source: Ashlyn Tubbs)

A Lubbock man is dedicated to make people’s lives easier in Lubbock and beyond, all through a service provided through a smartphone app.

It is called “The Butler," an idea Michael Calvillo thought of in December 2014.

“My wife and I were hungry…It was cold and kind of snowing a little bit,” Calvillo said. “No one would deliver to us, so I just kind of started thinking, ‘There has to be a better option than this.’”

That is when Michael developed a way to make their time count, especially as two working parents of two sons -  a home delivery service that took off in May 2015.

“I didn’t reinvent the wheel,” Calvillo said. “I just literally brought the wheel first to Lubbock.”

Through the app, users can summon “The Butler” with “full-on delivery service” requests from local restaurants, stores, service providers and more.

“I mean, we don’t just advertise that we do food, we don’t advertise grocery lists, we actually do it all,” he said. “Whatever is on the list we can pick up. Prescriptions, dry-cleaning, Home Depot. We’ve even picked up for an elderly lady…we picked up her shoes at Dillard’s for her. So like I said, there’s really nothing we can’t get for you.”

The Butler initially received some criticism.

“Some people gave me the whole thing of, ‘Michael, you’re kind of enabling lazy people,’” he said.

But those critics do not understand why saving time is so important to Calvillo.  

“I was raised by a single mother for most of my life,” he said. “I can remember her working 40, 50 hours a week and trying to get me to football practice and do this and that by herself, and if I can do that for somebody else…that brings all the enjoyment that I could possibly ask for.”

Once multitaskers summon the Butler, their last-minute requests could be filled by Summer Leal as one of 16 Butlers.

“I thought it would be fun….you know?” Leal said. “I am already driving everywhere.”

Leal describes her runs as “they tell me what they want, so I call the restaurant and I place the order, and I pick it up as if it were my food, and then I deliver it to them.”

“It’s really helping out the community, as far as, you know, if they just can’t get out of their house,” Leal said. “From Tech students, all the way to grandmothers…it’s just completely different all the time.”   

Calvillo even thinks The Butler has the potential to save lives.   

“If someone is having a party, a get together, whatever you want to call it and they’ve had quite a few [drinks], do we really want them back on the street to go pick up more,” Calvillo said, “or is it safe to assume that by summoning The Butler, we can bring them more?”

While Calvillo said he received temporary permission from TABC to deliver and card their customers, Mark Menn with TABC in Lubbock said it is more complicated than that.  

“They would have to have a business agreement arrangement as a certified delivery service for a liquor store, basically,” Menn said. “The delivery service wouldn’t be able to take payment for the alcohol. They can charge a delivery fee, but whether it’s beer or liquor, meaning wine or distilled spirits, they would have to be paid for separate from the delivery.”

But this will not stop expansion of The Butler’s services, Calvillo said. In fact, just recently the app received a Lubbock city permit to become a ridesharing business like Uber.

“The remaining steps are to finish our paperwork for the business, start interviewing drivers and running background checks,” Calvillo said, “and we look to launch the first of September.”

Calvillo hopes The Butler will help people with little time to spare have more quality moments with their family.

“It really brings a real happiness to me, especially with my background and what I know what it’s like to have a parent feel like she being pulled in every single direction,” he said. “I feel like I’m doing my job.” 

For more information about The Butler including delivery costs and times, visit

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The Butler is available for download on both Apple and Android App Stores. 

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