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Robotic Surgery Comes To Lubbock

If you peek through the window of an operating room at Covenant, you may see the surgeon sitting at a work space with the patient lying a few feet away during the surgery. Covenant is the first in Lubbock to use the Davinci Robotics System.

Today on HealthWise at Five, Dr. Howard Beck explained it is being used now to remove the prostate in patients with prostate cancer. This is something he says allows for more control, better precision and less risk to the patient.

"The two devastating complications of that surgery are loss of urine control and loss of sexual function. We think that we can better preserve those functions by more precise dissection," says Dr. Beck, a urologist.

Dr. Beck also says another reason for that is the Davinci System gives surgeons a better view inside the body because this robot uses a camera with a left eye and a right eye. So, the surgeon sees a 3-D image inside the patient instead of the two dimensional look you get on a TV screen.

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