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West Nile Vaccine Being Tested

Infected mosquitos have spread the West Nile Virus to people throughout the U.S. over the past several years resulting in thousands of illnesses and hundreds of deaths nationwide. You can protect your horse with a vaccine, but not your family. So, this reminder from Vector Control Centers nationwide.

"Our message couldn't be any stronger but to patrol your own backyards. You could be breeding mosquitos back there and not even know it. So watch for standing water and that includes buckets, potted plants, toys, tarps, the list is endless. Anything that is going to hold water for more than a week is a risk for breeding mosquitos," says Chris Contan, with Vector Control.

The National Institutes of Health is currently testing a West Nile vaccine in a small group of people. Scientists believe it to be safe because it is made from DNA, and not the virus itself. Each of the 15 volunteers will get three shots over a three month period, but it will take two years to test those people for their immunity to the virus.

So for now, backyard mosquito patrol is our best defense.

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