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West Texas for Hillary working to turn Texas blue in November

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While the Lone Star State consistently shows up on the electoral map as red, that isn't stopping Clinton supporters from setting up shop right here in Lubbock.

This new grassroots movement, called West Texas for Hillary, is scheduled to open their first office on Sunday.

This movement is not associated with the Lubbock County Democrats, but is instead a local group funding their own mission.

While it will be based out of a building in the 600 block of Broadway, it will also serve as the regional office for West Texas, something Stuart Williams says will be beneficial in the long run.

"This office is really gonna facilitate easy access. People can come in and make phone calls, get those calls feed, do voter registration...that's gonna facilitate getting out the vote. What we aim to achieve, we aim to achieve to take this state in November for Hillary Clinton."

Meanwhile, Carl Tepper, a local representative for the Trump campaign, says while he's happy to see this grassroots movement taking form, he says the Republican party isn't worried about Clinton making Texas a blue state.

"The Donald J. Trump campaign will be utilizing its resources where it's going to be most effective, and the most needed. So we're going to be going into the swing states of New Mexico, Iowa, Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania and that's where most of the resources are going to be expended."

Right now Trump is leading Clinton here in Texas 44 to 38 percent.

If we look back and compare those numbers to the 2012 election between President Obama and Mitt Romney, that six-point difference is much closer than the 16-point lead Romney had over Obama.

But, according to The Hill, based on a recent poll, more than three in five Trump supporters here in the Lone Star State say they would back secession if Clinton becomes President.

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