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President's Prescription: Hot Car Safety

Dr. Tedd Mitchell (Source: KCBD Video) Dr. Tedd Mitchell (Source: KCBD Video)

Every year 35-40 kids die by being left in a car in the hot summer time.  That’s about one child every 10 days.

Now, while parents know a lot more about the dangers of leaving children in cars, the problem is, people forget and these kids are left in the car by accident

These high-profile cases have convinced most parents of the importance of never leaving a child in the car, but what about the cases where parents forget? Here are some tips to keep your kids safe:

Give yourself a reminder, leave something in the backseat like your purse, a cell phone something so that you’ve got to look in the back seat before you go into the mall or before you go into the house.

The second thing is to get help from other people. If your dropping your children off at daycare, have them call you if on any given day your child doesn’t show up to daycare. That will help you to remember if you’ve left somebody in the car. Make sure you take care of yourself and get the sleep that you need because sleep deprivation can make you forgetful.

And finally its very important to remember to lock up your car after you’ve insured that its cleared because you don’t want children to wander in here and get themselves in trouble. These are all things you need to do during weather like this to protect your family. 

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