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Standoff in Central Lubbock Turns Out To Be a Hoax

More than a dozen Lubbock police officers were involved in a standoff situation for almost two hours Friday. An anonymous phone call sent police to the 4600 block of 30th Street to investigate a kidnapping. However, that wasn't the case at all.

Police weren't able to find anyone who had been kidnapped and quite a crowd gathered to watch the event. In the end, many residents said the bigger story is that dozens of police officers had to spend precious taxpayer time on a false phone call.

The chatter of scanners replaced the noise of passing cars, and police replaced children in front of a home in a central Lubbock neighborhood. "I thought this was a real safe neighborhood, you know. Then all of a sudden we have all these police cars showing up," said resident Dennis Duckworth.

Duckworth was in his yard when over a dozen Lubbock police officers started responding to a kidnapping call around 5pm Friday afternoon. Police said two suspects inside a house appeared to be intoxicated. Police said they refused to come out in fear of being arrested for public intoxication.

Neighbors gathered to watch what developed into a standoff. "I've lived here for eight years and there's never been anything like this and I'm sure I'll live here another 20 and so this is probably the most memorable thing that's happened," said Duckworth.

After two hours of negotiations, the men surrendered. Police found no victims inside, leading them to believe their conclusion. "Somebody made a hoax call that the kidnapping occurred. Clearly it didn't," said Lieutenant Greg Stevens with the Lubbock Police Department.

The situation ended peacefully and with no arrests, but police want to send a reminder that it is unlawful to falsely report a crime. The amount you can be fined depends on the nature of the call.

Lubbock Police End Standoff Peacefully
A 23-year-old Lubbock man is in custody Friday after forcing a standoff with police.

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