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Color your basket green for a healthy diet

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We know we need to eat a lot of green foods for a healthy diet.

But Brenda Duby, a Registered Dietician, says one way to sneak in a lot of nutrients is to substitute a green onion for a white one when you cook or even make a sandwich.

She says, "We know that green onions have 140 times more plant nutrients than a regular onion. And we know from another study that men who ate 2 tablespoons of green onions every day had a 50% less chance of prostate cancer than those who didn't eat any."

Brenda says the green part of the onion is healthier than the white side and it has a milder flavor without a strong after taste.

She says green chiles are loaded with Vitamin C, and about that broccoli, she says always eat it raw or steamed to get the most out of it.

If you boil it, you lose almost have the nutrients.

And frying broccoli is another way to kill most of its value.

Click on the interview above to get some more good tips from Brenda, thanks to United Supermarket’s Color your Basket Campaign.

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