Consider This: One lie tarnishes great success

Sunday evening, U.S. Olympians wrapped our most successful Olympics ever.

Sadly, while nothing can take away from their outstanding achievements, the final week was overshadowed by a lie that U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte told, first to his mother, then to the media.

It took just one lie to tarnish the perception of Americans and American athletes in the eyes of the world.

All of us were embarrassed and disappointed with the behavior of Ryan Lochte; and Lochte has paid a huge penalty that will end up costing him millions.

The lesson here is that when we presume to tell just one white lie, it can snowball into a disaster.

But Americans are as quick to give a person a second chance as we are to judge; and Ryan Lochte can find redemption in the hearts of his countrymen if he doesn't repeat his mistake.

Consider this...I hope that the media will hold all politicians and elected officials to the same high bar of accountability as Olympic athletes.

Because our nation will be in trouble if our elected officials violate the trust of the public they serve.

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