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EpiPen company launches new generic

EpiPen 2-Pak (Source: Associated Press Photo) EpiPen 2-Pak (Source: Associated Press Photo)

After controversy over massive price hikes, Mylan, the company that sells EpiPen, has announced a generic version.

Both the brand name and the generic are auto-injectors, pre-loaded with epinephrine, lifesaving treatment during an allergic reaction.

Mylan says it is set to launch the first generic auto-injector in a few weeks, but critics are outraged.

Dr. Scott Knoer, Chief Pharmacy Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, says, "I'm glad they're potentially lowering the price, but even at $300 it's still very expensive."

Mylan says the generic auto-injector will be identical to the brand-name EpiPen and half the price.

But some say that's still not fair to those who can't afford it, because the drug itself has been around for 100 years and costs only $3.

For more information on the new generic coming soon from Mylan visit the link below.

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