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Seminole business fights to keep dry after flooding

Source: Caleb Holder Source: Caleb Holder
Source: Caleb Holder Source: Caleb Holder
Wolf (Source: Caleb Holder) Wolf (Source: Caleb Holder)
Source: Caleb Holder Source: Caleb Holder
Hilbebrand (Source: Caleb Holder) Hilbebrand (Source: Caleb Holder)

While many Seminole residents are grateful for the recent five-plus inches of rain they have received so far this week, one business almost got more water than they could handle.

Bold Irrigation & Supply at 1311 North Main Street had about eight inches of water surrounding the building on Monday.

“I told myself I would never complain about rain because we always need it over here,” said salesman Shawn Wolf, “but I guess we just have to work a little harder to deal with it now.”

The building has been there for over four years in a low spot, but they say this is the first time water ever came inside the building.

“We came here around 10:30 [Sunday night] and worked until around 1:30 a.m. putting up everything as best as we could,” Wolf said, “and tried not to worry too much because there is nothing we could do about it.”

They stacked sandbags at the entrance of the building high enough so the waves created by vehicles that drive past would not spill over.

However, some water initially got inside the building and damaged some boxes filled with products.

Employees stayed at the business all day Monday to vacuum, sweep, dump and even fan water out of the building.

Just two miles past Bold Irrigation & Supply is one of two pumps that they made sure sucked water from the flood waters and pushed it downhill to better drainage in Seminole.

“As long as we don’t get any more rain, I think we’ll be alright,” said employee Jake Hilbebrand, as he supervised the pump.  

After this rainstorm, these men hope they do not have to deal with anymore flooding.  

“This is an area where it can't drain at all, so we’re kind of waiting for the city or the state to put something up where it can drain a little bit better,” Wolf said. 

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