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HealthWise at 5 From 5.2

  • Juvenile Arthritis

Two adult medicines could become new weapons for kids fighting juvenile arthritis. Researchers found higher doses of the drug Methotrexate and the drug Arava are both safe and effective for kids with arthritis. Patients given Methotrexate showed a 90% response rate, and those on Arava had a 68% response. The study in the New England Journal of Medicine says both those treatments help control white blood cells, which can cause inflammation.

  • Adult RSV

A dangerous virus typically seen in infants is striking more adults than previously thought that's according to a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine. It says researchers evaluated more than 2,500 respiratory illnesses over four winters and found RSV, a flu-like infection, is becoming an increasing problem among the elderly. RSV is an airborne virus that can cause serious illness and can be particularly deadly in people with lung or heart problems. Researchers say a RSV vaccine could help protect those at risk.

  • Sperm Pollution

Everyday pollutants, like exhaust from a car, could damage a man's reproductive health. A new study suggests that exposure to chemicals from environmental pollutants could change the ratio of sperm carrying the X or the Y chromosome. Those are the chromosomes that determine the sex of a baby. In a study of 149 men, those exposed to the most pollutants had a slight increase in the number of sperm with the Y or male chromosome.

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