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Lou Fox Reviewed by Lubbock City Council

He's only been on the job for one year and already his job performance exceeds the council's expectations. NewsChannel 11 sat down with Lubbock Mayor Marc McDougal and Lou Fox to talk about exactly which direction this city is going.

"We're pleased with Lou," said Mayor McDougal. One year into the job and Lou Fox is getting rave reviews. Fox walked into a brand new job as Lubbock's City Manager and found himself in a pit of financial mess. A $4 million deficit to say the least.

Mayor McDougal says before Fox's arrival, the city council was spending hours sorting through paper trails that suggested misappropriation of funds through Lubbock Power and Light and the West Texas Municipal Power Agency. "The last 12 months has not been nearly demanding on the council as the previous 24 months were. He got our finances back in order, our bond ratings back up. LeeAnn's doing a fantastic job under Fox's direction in the finance dept," said McDougal.

McDougal says the bitterness is behind and now Fox is free to explore his creativity in economic development.

We asked Lou exactly what that might be and he says its about breathing life back into downtown Lubbock. "I'll use Oklahoma City as a good example. A couple of years ago they put in what they call Brick Town. Albuquerque has done it, so has San Antonio," explained Fox.

While Fox was the San Antonio city manager from 1982 to 1990, he pushed to expand the Riverwalk to the convention center and to the Rivercenter Mall. Now, according to San Antonio Conventions Bureau, the Riverwalk is the ranked number two as the best tourist attraction in the State of Texas. We asked the mayor if Fox will get a raise due to his evaluation, the mayor says it was not discussed.

Fox's total package with the city is $258,000 a year, which includes all his benefits.

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