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Movie Ratings Not Always Accurate

Have you ever taken a child to a movie you thought was appropriate based on the rating and then gasped at what they saw or heard? UCLA researchers analyzed 100 popular films and found that the aged based rating system is a poor guide especially when it comes to violence.

"Some movies that have been rated PG actually have more violence than an R rated movie so we, so it's not giving parents a good enough chance to do good decision making," says Jane Brown, Ph.D., with the University of North Carolina.

Now some are suggesting the movie industry follow the food industry and offer a detailed list of ingredients. In other words, what kind of violence is in there or what kind of sexual content so parents know exactly what kids would be exposed to if they see a certain movie.

But in response to the study, the Motion Picture Association of America says their objective is only to give parents some advance warning and it's up to parents to check other sources if they want more information than that.

Among the 100 films in the study, those with R ratings averaged 62 violent acts, PG-13 averaged 55 and PG averaged 56. Researchers note that PG films contained anywhere from a single act of violence to 97 acts of violence; the range for R films was remarkably similar, ranging from one to 110 acts. The study did not include G rated films.

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